Your Home Improvement Contractor

Our passion for home remodeling and renovation extends beyond the project to the client. Various clients have given us the opportunity to provide some of the best home remodeling services in Colorado, and we thank them for that. Our certified team has more than 30 years experience in customer service and home renovation. We can help you with your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or any other project for your home.

What does the home renovation process look like?

You will be guided step-by-step on how to begin working with Stellar once you contact them. The process is straight-forward and includes three phases:

The first phase is clarifying what you need for your project. Is it a full kitchen remodel, or is it a sink and counter replacement? Do you need your entire bathroom renovated, or are you looking to upgrade your shower? These are the types of questions you will be asked on the initial contact with Stellar.

Once the initial contact is complete, Stellar will work to procure a fair quote for your project. You are guaranteed a competitive price that comes with a professional attitude and approach to you as a client and your project. You will also be given an accurate timeline on when your project can be completed.

After the quote and project timeline is accepted, phase 2 begins. Stellar will start on your project and communicate weekly on the progress of your project. You will have a direct number to the project manager and the builder, so you can ask questions or discuss your project at any time.

This phase also includes permit acquisition and inspection walkthroughs. Stellar will work for you on any necessary home renovation permits so you don’t have to. If any portion of your project requires inspection prior to proceeding to the next step, Stellar will personally complete the walkthrough with the inspection agent to ensure everything passess according to code.

Phase 3 begins when the project is complete. You and your home remodeling contractor will complete the final walkthrough. This process includes the final walkthrough, final invoice, and any questions or comments you may have for your current project or any projects in the future.

Which remodeling services are offered?

You can find a list of the most popular remodel and renovation services Stellar Construction offers to its clients below. However, if you have a project not on the list, give Stellar a call anyway. They are always willing to discuss projects that may require special skills or knowledge to complete:

Interior Remodeling & Renovation:

Exterior Remodeling: