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It’s equivalent to a guest house. It’s where your relatives or friends stay. It’s the den. Your basement can facilitate many activities, but you choose which are your top priority. A key component to those activities are having a basement that’s finished. You can add value to your home with a basement renovation, or you can rent it out to a willing tenant. An empty basement is wasted space, but when you invest in a basement remodel, you’ll see the dividends in time spent or in space rented.

Suggested Basement Remodel Ideas

Your basement is unique. It’s the lowest level of your home, and it can be whatever you want it to be. Do you want to spend more time with family but don’t have the space? Want to rent out a room in your home, but aren’t sure if cohabiting is the right thing for you? Consider a basement finish project. It will add a functional space, potentially a few new rooms, and it can add overall value to your home.

Below are some basement remodel ideas Stellar Construction has completed for clients:

  • Basement Finish
  • Living Room Area
  • Office Space
  • Family Room
  • Entertainment
  • Home Gym
  • Storage

Basement remodel cost

Your basement remodel cost will vary depending on the extent of your project. You can start with a general finish, which involves framing, walls, flooring, ceiling, windows, etc to create a new space.

After you “finish” the basement, you can then decide on what your function is for the basement. Do you want a  full living space with living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen? Maybe you want storage, or even a personal gym. These are all things that occur after a basement finish project.

You can then decide the function of each room in the basement will facilitate. This means if you’ve decided to add a kitchen to your basement, it will most likely need countertops, cabinetry, a sink, a fridge, and various other components. Your office space may need a bookshelf, specific fixtures, and lighting.

Stellar Construction guarantees basement remodeling satisfaction to all its clients. With more than 30 years experience in the remodel and construction business, there’s no better choice than Stellar.

Do you need basement remodel repairs?

Even the most of stable basements will need repair. Your staircase could falter. Your interior walls may experience a noticeable blow. You may even discover basement cracks. No matter what the issue may be, there is a solution, and you can guarantee Stellar Construction will deliver.

Your basement remodeling Contractors

If you haven’t finished your basement yet, it’s time you consider it. Imagine the extra space. You could spend time with family, or you could create it to be your getaway from all the hustle and bustle. If you need a home office, a basement is a great place to start. With Stellar Construction, you will are guaranteed the highest quality of craftsmanship and customer service on the market.

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