Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Colorado

Typically, the bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in the home, but it’s one of the more routinely used ones. It’s the first room you use upon waking in the morning, and it’s typically the last one right before you go to sleep. Whether you’re taking a hot shower in the morning, or a long bath in the evening, this room is one of the most important ones second to the kitchen. It’s where we spend time grooming ourselves, and it’s also where we tend to become intimate with our own emotions in front of the mirror. You may not notice how much time you spend in your bathroom, but it’s a significant amount.

Bathroom renovation projects are the most requested from our clients at Stellar Construction. It’s no wonder, since the bathroom hold so much significance in daily routine and emotional weight. The bathroom should provide a comfort and relief no other room can provide. Whether preparing for a day’s work or relaxing after a long day, your bathroom should provide ease-of-use functionality and a relaxing atmosphere. The home renovation professionals at Stellar Construction are always prepared to help you successfully complete your bathroom renovation project.  

Some Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Standard features tend to come to mind when thinking about the bathroom: shower, toilet, sink, counter, storage, fixtures. However, your custom bathroom remodel allows you to create the space you want. Some of the more popular items requested at Stellar Construction are listed below:

  • Luxury floor and countertops
  • Entertainment and sound system
  • Digital water temperature controls
  • Heated towel rack and floor
  • Custom lighting

Your personal style and feel is the goal with your bathroom renovation project. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of elements in every single home, and your bathroom should not be limited. Bring your dream bathroom ideas to Stellar Construction, and we will turn them into a reality.

Your Budget Matters: Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Many homeowners fear a bathroom restoration or renovation project is outside their budget. However, nothing could be further from the truth. A simple refresh of the cabinets, countertops, and flooring could brighten the entire room. You could replace various surfaces, storage, and appliances to restore the comfort and tranquility you once had. You can also completely remodel the bathroom, and create a new feel and functionality to it entirely.

Stellar Construction also offers phase work, which means various portions of your project is completed as your budget allows. The phase work typically doesn’t interrupt your day to day life. You can start with the countertops, move to the cabinets, replace the tub and toilet, and then finish up with paint and the mirror all in separate stages. The fear that you cannot have the bathroom of your dreams is moot. Remodel in phases and finally get the bathroom you deserve.

The Stellar Construction Experience

When you work with Stellar Construction, you receive more than 30 years experience in remodeling, construction, and customer service. Clients all over Colorado have given Stellar the opportunity to showcase their incredible work and client satisfaction guarantee. From  minor projects and repairs to major home renovation overhauls, Stellar sets the bar high. Your dream project can become a reality.

Want to learn more about bathroom remodel projects? Contact Stellar Construction, home remodeling and construction experts, today at (720) 822-2936 to start on your dream project.