Your Outdoor Living Professionals in Colorado

If you’re one to travel and enjoy a getaway, your backyard may be the best place to start. Millions of people around the world travel to find some quiet time, but what they could spend that same time just outside their home. With professional and aesthetically pleasing backyard landscape design and near unlimited outdoor space options, you could simply step outside your home to a personal hideaway. You are the only visitor, and it’s an oasis right at home. With Stellar Construction your homestay vacation isn’t just a dream. It’s a 100% possibility.

Backyard Design experts

Many don’t realize the potential their backyard holds. It’s an extension of your home. Family and friends can gather and make memories. It’s the space you do all the messy things you can’t do inside your home or your garage. It’s where you pack your bags for a camping trip. The dog and the kids play in the kiddie pool. You invite family and friends over to celebrate a life milestone like graduation or a promotion. A significant amount of time is spent outside your home, so why not design your backyard to facilitate and accommodate? Stellar Construction provides 30 years of experience so that you can create the perfect backdrop to your home just outside your back door.

Porch Remodel Ideas

Your average backyard consists of a small concrete patio, a groomed lawn, some shrubbery, and maybe a fence. A porch is a simple yet effective upgrade to any backyard. It adds value in an incremental, budgetary way. It sets you above the lawn on a platform where you don’t need shoes. It also offers a dedicated space to sit, eat, and enjoy company outdoors. If you’re more interested in your you-time, a porch is a place you can sit and read a book or have a morning cup of coffee before work while enjoying the outdoors. Some of Stellar’s more popular requests from clients are below: 

  • Single level Porch
  • Multi-level Porch
  • Covered Porch
  • Gazebo
  • Platform

Your Outdoor Kitchen

What better way to update and upgrade your home than with an outdoor kitchen. It involves a specific design and build to suit what you’ll be cooking in the future. Enjoy barbecue? How about a filet? Or maybe your classic hotdog and hamburger? No matter the food or the company, Stellar can create your outdoor dream kitchen.

With every outdoor kitchen renovation, Stellar takes into account the weather patterns, the home, the type of food, the type of guest, and the expected longevity of the appliances, so the client gets exactly what they want and need. Below are some of Sellar’s more popular outdoor kitchen remodel requests:

  • Full Grill
  • Counter space
  • Fire pit
  • Stove
  • Full Kitchen

More Outdoor Spaces

If you can expect family and friends to visit often and enjoy your backyard, consider a backyard makeover to accommodate and impress all at the same time. You can look into a patio makeover to ensure your guests are comfortable and satisfied when they visit. You could also consider professional landscape design to spruce up your lawn and other shrubbery. Maybe you want a pool remodeling quote, so that when summer rolls around, you can offer a cool, fresh way to entertain your family and friends, adding value to your home at the same time.

What you can expect

You should expect nothing less than top notch outdoor living remodeling and renovation craftsmanship. This is why Stellar Construction stands behind 30+ years of experience and knowledge in the outdoor living and home remodeling industry.

Want to update your outdoor living space? Not sure where to start when designing your backyard? Call Stellar Construction at: (720) 822-2936 today to ask questions and learn more.