The ultimate goal at Stellar Construction is to make sure our clients get what they want and need for their pole building kit project.

How do we accomplish this? We ask a few questions and take things step-by-step before our clients build their pole barn. Pole barns can be used for a variety of functions, including: shops, garages, horses, vehicles, livestock, etc., and we want to make sure you, the client, are getting exactly what you want and need.

Since Stellar works with a majority of first time barn owners, we take the time to insure our potential clients get the information they need to make an educated decision on size, function, and features for their upcoming barn project.

Typically, we start the discussion with structure and the differences in pricing between post framed barns and traditional framed buildings.


Post Framed OR Pole Barn

Pro: The post framed building offers quite a few benefits. It’s strength and integrity lasts over time. Adaptability for use and addition to the original sturcture is easy and quick. Labor is reduced due to less labor and no need for a continous foundation. Finishing the inside is possible, and is less intensive than a stick framed building.

Con: A pole barn typically can’t allow a basement. Width on a pole barn is limited to ninety feet (90’). Some municipalities have square footage restrictions for “accessory buildings.”

Pricing: $

Traditionally framed
(Stick framed)

Pro: A stick framed building allows for a few things: a basement, continuous foundation, and is moderately easy to finish the inside.

Con: Traditionally framed buildings tend to be more expensive due to more labor required to build. The continuous foundation requires more dirt work than a post framed building. The strength of a stick frame doesn’t exceed any other option enough to be considered a benefit.

Pricing: $$

Block/Concrete Walls

Pro: Strong. Long lasting. Provides a basement. Doesn’t have to be finished and is still functional.

Con: More labor intensive. Difficult to modify after finished. Insulation and additions are more difficult after initial project is complete.

Pricing: $$$

Steel Framed

Pro: Strong and long lasting. Maintenance costs are reduced exponentially.

Con: The foundation required for a steel building increases pricing exponentially. It’s difficult to insulate effectively. Finishing the interior is more labor intensive.

Pricing: $$$


After 30 years of experience, we highly recommend you do your research. Stellar offers much more than information. We offer personal experience. Many of our specialists, builders, and the owner have their own pole barns on their properties.

  • Be aware of what each company you come into contact with offers.
  • Some companies offer plans only.
  • Some companies offer plans and a kit based on those plans (permits not included).
  • Most companies will sell you just a pole barn kit and leave you to deal with plans, permits, builders, and inspections on your own time.

Stellar offers full service pole barn kits and projects, including: plans, permits, kits, builders, inspections, and warranty.


Stellar has been in construction for 30+ years and pole barns for a large majority of that time. Below are the top five myths and misconceptions we come across when assisting clients and others decide on their perfect pole barn kit.

FACT: Actually, pole barns are much easier to insulate and heat than other framing types in construction. The nature of the post framed structure allows for two options when it comes to insulation: 1. Traditional roll insulation, or 2. Spray foam. Stellar recommends insulating your shop, if you plan to spend time in it working on vehicles, welding, woodworking, or finishing it out to live in.

FACT: Pole barns are extremely easy to add plumbing, wiring, or insulation. Compared to other methods of construction like steel or stick framing, a post framed building is much more able and adaptable to additions and interior partitions than any other construction method.

FACT: Pole barns are quite easily divided for multiple spaces inside the barn. Stellar has built multiple barns that are half shop, half garage or even three-quarter stalls and one-quarter tack room and miscellaneous storage. It’s even safe to say your imagination is the limit with pole barns.

FACT: A poorly built pole building will not do well against the elements. However, a properly built pole barn will stand against high rated winds in your specified area; it’s required by the county in many cases to build your structure according to wind rating and snow load specifications. Your county will define the requirements prior to building.

FACT: To some extent the truss spacing in a pole barn does limit finish techniques, but it can be done. You have a few options when finishing the inside of your pole barn. The first is the more expensive option, but go with either 24” or 16” truss spacing. This means more trusses. You can also stick with 48” or wider truss spacing and use 2 x 4 cross bracing to allow ceiling finishes.


Stellar Construction strives to ensure every client is satisfied with the customer service, craftsmanship, and experience they bring to every project. With more than 30 years in the construction industry, Stellar assists all their clients in making their dreams come true while still remaining financially affordable.


Stellar Construction works with every client to ensure their pole barn project is competitively priced. Get your FREE quote today!

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