Pole Barn Phases 1-5

Stellar Pole Barn Process Infographic


First, decide what you want and need out of a pole barn.

Here are some common uses for pole barns our clients come to us with:

  • Cars, pickups, RVs, campers, etc…
  • Storage.
  • Shop and/or man-cave
  • Warehouse
  • Semi (tractor-trailer storage)
  • Horses
  • Livestock
  • Farm equipment
  • And the list goes on

Once you know how you’ll be using the barn, give Stellar a call. We can offer estimate pricing even before you know what size you need. Based on use and function, we can recommend size with a close-enough price.

This way you can continue your research, if desired, or you can begin to work with us.


This conversation tends to include budget, space on property, and any additional features you may want/need for your pole building project.

Here are some questions Stellar may ask:

  • How much room do you actually need?
  • Which type of doors and sizes of those doors do you want/need?
  • What type of features do you want: wainscoting, cupola, colors, etc…?
  • Do you want natural lighting via windows or clear panels?


You will find the general timeline below, which is a longest case scenario. It’s typical, if all goes as planned with planning and permits, that this process can take 6 weeks or less.

WEEK 1 Initial call/quote What you want/need
WEEK 2 Deeper discussion, deposit Features and specifics
WEEK 3 Plans, permits, scheduling Drawings, permit submission, permit acceptance
WEEK 3-5 Material and Site Prep Material ordered, site prepped for barn
WEEK 6 Delivery Material delivered and ready for builders
WEEK 6 Break Ground and Build Builders break ground, build, and finish your building.

Now take this general timeline and compare it to traditionally framed or even steel framed structures in the industry:

WEEK 1 Initial call/quote Contact and consult an industry expert on the various stages of traditionally built structures.
WEEK 2 In depth consultation Complete a consultation to nail down the specifics and narrow in the quote.
WEEK 3 Plans and permits Acquire plans and submit permits for the project. Pending the county, you may go back and forth with municipality to get building approved.
WEEK 4 -6 Final consult, deposit, scheduling Send in deposit and schedule material, delivery, and site preparation.
WEEK 7 -10 Site prepped, ground broke, builders Site preparation, inspections, and ground breaking to start building.
WEEK 13, 14, 15 Framing, finishing, inspections Your building is either framed or is being framed. Inspections along the way. Final walk-around and inspection.

Time saved via a post framed structure heavily outweighs traditionally built barn.

You also save $$$ on labor due to builders spending less time on site to complete the project.


To get started on your project, Stellar requires a deposit to get you on the schedule. We take our client’s desire for a pole barn seriously, and we don’t want to neglect those who are committed versus those who are not committed.

Another reason we take a deposit at this point is that we take care of plans and permits for you.

Stellar handles pole barn plans and permits for you, so you can go on living your life without the hassle of dealing with counties, engineers, etc.

Each county has quirks and varying requirements for wind specifications, snow load, and structural integrity. Stellar has been around long enough to be able to catch most updates, changes, and/or requirements on the first submission.

Nonetheless, counties can be an unknown and require specific adjustments to your barn prior to building. Stellar handles this for you, and updates the barn notes to include any material changes or updates.

Pole Barn Plans are given to you and the county. Typically, Stellar works with three (3) copies of plans, so everyone involved is in on the discussion and process.

Every building is built to meet the regional codes and specifications.

Stellar’s pole barn drawings include the following at minimum:

  • Footprint
  • Elevation
  • Engineered Truss Specs

Depending on your county, they may require more specs to grant the permit, and we take care of it for you.


Once plans, permits, and deposit is taken care of, Stellar schedules a time to prep the site and do the grade work.

Typically, Stellar takes care of everything, but we have come across clients who want to do their own gradework. This is fine. However, a common occurrence is the gradework is not within 3% of level, and it means the client needs to order more fill dirt, or must do dirt work after the building is finished. This can be a hassled for you, the homeowner.

Stellar recommends setting a date with us to allow for our experts to come do grade work and prep the site for you.

Once the site is ready to receive a building, we have the materials delivered. This means the builders arrive shortly after to break ground and start your barn.


The moment you wait for: your pole barn is built.

On average and pending size, barns take no more than three weeks to build.

Here are some average build times, not including prior phases:

Small Barn (24’ x 24’) 2-5 days
Medium Barn (40’ x 60’) 3-7 days
Large Barn (50’ x 80’) 5-12 days
Commerical Barn (60’ x 200’) 15-20 days
Horse Barn/Arena (36’ x 50’) 5-10 days

Post framed buildings go up quickly. They fulfill their function effortlessly. Compared to conventional construction techniques, pole barns are the route to take if you’re looking for efficient, effective, and affordable.

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